Thursday, April 17, 2008

And I'm prettier than he is too.

Eight months ago I was in a job so stressful I stopped eating and yet constantly wanted to throw up. Then I was fired.

Six months ago I still hadn't recovered my appetite, and was starting to worry I'd never find a job.

This week I have a fun job with lots of autonomy and impact. The company I contract for is putting on full court press to get me to sign on full time. The manager who fired me is now a PM with no reports. Despite not having my resume online anymore, I still get one e-mail a month from my ex-employers or their agents asking me to apply for a new team.*

I win, bitch.

*Not to ruin the triumph, but: Most are third party agents who I assume have no access to my file. But at least one was a real manager. This is what prompted me to look up Dumbass Manager's job- I couldn't believe they'd keep asking me if they had access to my file and his statements carried any weight at all.

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