Monday, October 15, 2007

Always hire a professional

I just got off the phone from another interview, which was exciting because he clearly had less experience interviewing than I did. Maybe I could use this to my advantage if I was savvier, but for me it's like being held up by a 14 year old who stole his father's gun: he has something to prove, and while he doesn't quite know what it is, he will cut you down if you impugn his ability to do so. You want a nice, professional mugger in these kinds of situations, one who gives clear instructions, takes as much money as he can get in the 60 seconds he given, and is long gone by the time the cops arrive. This interview was the equivalent of being asked "so, how much money do you think I should steal?"

That said, I'm being brought in for an in person interview, so maybe he's adjusted for his inability to ask useful questions

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