Monday, October 29, 2007

The Kid Made the Blogosphere

Yeah, yeah, there's nothing more boring than watching bloggers navel gaze about where their hits are coming from. Seriously, everyone else, stop that, no one cares. But this is totally different, and besides those rules don't apply to me.

First, visit tracking is really cool. My post about Megan McArdle happened to come shortly after she posted a scathing review of a particular Comfort Inn. The airline that stranded her, thus causing the unpleasant interaction, found me by googling her name. They stayed exactly 0 seconds. I didn't actually investigate, but I can't imagine I'm in the top 1000 results in a google search for her name, so I have to applaud their dedication.

Second, I made Confessions of a Community College Dean. This is about as a big a deal to me as some of the book signings I've been to, except that I can brag about meeting Lewis Black in a way I really can't with Dean Dad, because my friends find him substantially less impressive. The fact that my letter was printed a day after I sent it makes it seem like a less impressive achievment. I assumed he had a huge backlog of letters that he picked and chose from, but no, apparently two sentences from me gets an entire post.

Third, 75% of my non-me, non-friend traffic comes from recruiting agencies, and that's just what I can confirm from their IP address. Often they go to a specific post, and it's type-in, not link-following (at least, sitemeter can't tell what referred them), from which I can only conclude a link is being passed around. I would offer to sell ad space to job-seekers, but honestly, they don't stay for that long, and it's not that hard to get a recruiter to look at your resume.

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