Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well that was fast

I had been job hunting for over two months when I started this blog. The next day, I had a phone interview. The day after that, an in-person. And the day after that, a satisfactory job offer.

I said satisfactory, not great. It's a long commute, and you heard my impression of the people. But I got my goal salary, the benefits (which come from the recruiting agency, not the company itself) are reasonable if not stellar, and when the contract is over I'll be able to round up to two years of experience, making me eligible for many more jobs. Plus there's the, whachallit, actual experience I'll have, which might prove useful in the future. For while the company is boring, the job will actually give me a fair amount of autonomy and responsibility.

So what now? As defined, this blog has the virgin slut problem, where it's about the search for its own end. But fear not, three people who have visited and are not my friends, I have a plan. First, I have a backlog of advice just waiting to replicate itself onto the internet, which should take up some time. Second, this is a temporary position, so six months from now we get to do the whole thing over again (hopefully faster. If it takes this long next time, you might want to take my advice with a grain of salt). I plan on filling the in-between time with posts from my as yet unpseudonymed friend, who is a college senior looking for teaching jobs, and perhaps my brother, who is a college senior looking for programming jobs. And if anyone else out there is job hunting, you can see that this is blog is clearly a good luck charm.

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